Wayne Higson is an award winning builder and the recipient of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine award. He has been a licensed general contractor in North Carolina since 1989. He built an oceanfront home in 1993 and quickly learned that using the average building practices would not withstand the harsh environment. Through research, trial and error, Higson was able to find solutions for many common issues to cut down on repeat maintenance, saving him time and money. He wants to share these lessons learned with you to help you to become aware and avoid these problems. 

This photo guidebook was developed to show coastal homeowners how to adapt their homes to the everyday challenges presented by a coastal environment. Salt air, salt spray, humidity, corrosion, wind driven rain, nor'easters, tropical storms and hurricanes are challenges that do not exist in inland regions. This book is not a typical do-it yourself book, although many of the everyday challenges can be tackled with relative ease. Instead, this book is a unique how-to book, helping homeowners eliminate trial and error to do it right the first time.